And her name is…

Yes folks! After much deliberation and finally deciding on the first name we came up with, our new little ray of sunshine has been named.

“Wait a second…. didn’t you say it was a girl?”

Yeppers… we’ve got two girls now with boy names. And our 2nd choice… you guessed it… a boy name.

Update on Miss Charley: We had our 2nd visit at the Ultrasound place (the first time she wasn’t very cooperative and they couldn’t fully measure her). This time she wouldn’t cooperate again, except they somehow managed to get the final measurements they needed. Looks as though she is about a pound and everything is perfect! Except for mama’s back, hips, knees, feet, etc….

This little one is not so nice to me. She’s kind of a spaz and she likes to stretch out and stay there forever. I’m a little nervous because I’ve heard of women getting ribs broken…. oy :/

On another note, I decided that instead of searching around on Etsy for a Tinkerbell costume for Rhyan for Halloween, I would tackle it myself. I googled “how to make a tutu” and the directions seemed super easy. That is until I started doing it, not that it isn’t easy… it’s wayyyyy time consuming. I’m trying to convince Jay it would be fun to help me. So far, he ain’t buyin it.

Look out for the monstrous green tutu coming in the next few days… well hopefully it won’t be monstrous. But it WILL be green!

Happy Tuesday!

:) :) :)

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