Jessie & Rio

Just recently Jay and I had the pleasure of spending our afternoon with Jessie and her gorgeous horse, Rio :) We headed up to an awesome location with some of the BEST. light. ever.  I could probably shoot here every shoot for the rest of my life!

What we came to learn is that Jessie and Rio actually have a lot in common. Jessie: spunky, sassy and sweet… Rio: spunky, sassy and sweet… Jessie: Cute as a button… Rio: Pretty handsome I think…. Jessie: Knows what she wants… Rio: Knows what he wants… Jessie: Likes to boss Rio around… Rio: Likes to boss Jessie around, but knows ultimately Jessie wins.

We are so excited for you Jessie in your final senior year! Thank you so much for allowing us to capture such amazing memories. We had the BEST time!


"A memory lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever..."

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