Laguna Beach Engagement : Johanah + Kyle

“He’s pretty cute” she thought. But she wasn’t interested in a relationship right now. He however was enchanted by her. Luck fell into his lap when he was commissioned to do some carpentry work at her house. He got to see her EVERY DAY. And each of those days his fondness grew deeper. He would casually ask her company over dinner. Or even just a cup of coffee. Each time, she was hesitant, but each time he asked she found it harder to resist. She didn’t realize that she was quickly becoming smitten by him. ‘Til one fine day he made a breakthrough! He tried to play it cool, but SHE SAID YES! Ok, so she just said yes to a little date, but it was a step in the right direction. From that date on she could no longer hide her need to be with him. And not to much longer, he gave her a ring :)

Johanah & Kyle were so much fun to shoot! We spent half the day just hanging out and shooting around Laguna Beach. We always love spending lots of time with our couples for their engagement session so we can really get to know each other and they can really get the hang of how we work.¬†At first, Kyle played it cool… like, “eh, this wedding stuff is ok I guess.” But deep down inside he was a pile of mush. I would catch him looking at Johanah with that enchanted look when he thought I wasn’t looking.

These two are incredibly good looking (pretend I said that in my best Zoolander voice). Johanah nearly “RAWR’d” my camera off a jillion times!

Seriously, we are so excited for your wedding in April and can’t wait to see you two finally become Mr. & Mrs.!

… oh I can’t forget the pictures!


"A memory lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever..."

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