Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding : Patty + Josh

P & J, or what I like to consider PB & J. Because like the nostalgic sandwich from my childhood, the two ingredients are the perfect match for each other. Patty & Josh far exceed how peanut butter compliments jelly. Spending only moments with these two will leave you smitten and for any naysayers about soul mates and true love, they have not had the privilege of experiencing these two.

Twin Oaks Garden Estates became the beginning of a new chapter in their story. It was a magical place. And joined by their beautiful friends and family, Patty & Josh made the ultimate commitment to be together until the end of time.

Patty & Josh, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your adventure! I can’t express the love we have in capturing such precious moments for you two and treasure our new found friendship!


Westlake Village Inn Wedding : Cynthia + Paul

The orchid. A rare and delicate beauty. Mysterious in it’s exotic form, the flower itself evokes a sense of refinement and innocence. One of the most evolved flowers today it can withstand and flourish naturally in an array of habitats and climates. The orchid is believed to carry various healing and protective properties, even to ward of sickness.

There was something alluring and captivating about this lovely little flower that Cynthia & Paul were drawn to, and maybe they didn’t know it at the time but it would become a reflection of their magical relationship. With Paul originally from Australia and Cynthia from Southern California the two were destined to be together and travel the world. They would be able to adapt to their environment as long as they were together. They would challenge each other to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. They would be alongside one another when times were difficult.

The beauty of Cynthia & Paul’s gorgeous wedding at the Westlake Village Inn was that it was adorned with Orchids. Without a word of description their friends and family who gathered in support could sense the richness of their love and excitement for this new chapter in their story.

Paul & Cynthia, we are so blessed to have been along with you this past year. You are adored by the ones you love and we have been added to that list! Thank you for bringing us into your lives and making us part of something so special that we were able to stop time as a reminder of how it all started. Cynthia you are a rare and delicate beauty, Paul is one lucky man :)


Ponte Vineyard Inn Wedding : Shae + Matthew

A cool calm quiet lingered in the room as she unpacked each and every little piece of the puzzle. Her dress, her veil, her shoes, her tiara. As each little moment passed, she grew anxious with anticipation of seeing him. Her lovely Mama, at her side every step of the way. She brushed her hair, she applied her makeup, she gave her sweet hugs and kisses. It was time to see her little caterpillar turn into a butterfly. And she was about the loveliest butterfly of them all.

Shae & Matthew planned a beautiful and intimate ceremony at the Ponte Vineyard Inn and reception at Ponte Winery’s barrel room. Every detail was carefully thought out and to be surrounded by friends and family without all the fluff and fuss of a chaotic wedding day, it turned out to be perfect.

Shae & Matt, I’m so thankful that you found me! I absolutely loved being a part of your wedding day and know great things are in store for the two of you. You two are adorable!

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Benedict Castle Wedding : Breanne + Robert

The minutes, they seemed like hours. And the hours, seemed like days. The morning was fresh and new and the anticipation was so fierce, it left them in a hypnotic state. Anxious and nervous Breanne was ready for it, the day had arrived that she had been planning for over a year. The day all of the blood, sweat and tears would become worth it because she was marrying the man she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. And even though Robert was cool as a cucumber, he couldn’t wait to see his bride for the first time walking down that glorious aisle to the classic wedding march. And when that moment arrived, their eyes were locked and they got lost in each other.

These two sweethearts were married at the unbelievably beautiful Benedict Castle in Riverside. Along with some amazing help from their adorable coordinator, Megan Luna, Breanne pulled together a gorgeous wedding. So many amazing vendors were involved including one of our favorites, Stephanie from Sweet Pea Floral Creations :) The delicious cake was made by Pila’s Pantry. Breanne was dressed in a stunning Alfred Angelo gown which made her look like she descended from heaven. She was beautified by hair artist Elyse Green and makeup artist Cori Dodge.

Breanne & Robert, thank you so so so much for inviting us to be a part of this crazy, wonderful, spectacular day. You are both amazing people with beautiful hearts. And Breanne you are an exquisite human being, incredibly sweet and caring. Robert is one lucky guy! We love you two!


Europa Village Wedding : Melissa + Peter

What began as a romantic adventure for Melissa’s birthday became something she wasn’t expecting. Peter brought Melissa to a cabin on Orcas Island in Washington which wasn’t far from their home in Seattle. Not at all strangers to mountain biking the plan was to ride up the mountain and propose at the top. The view was fantastic, his hand was on the ring box the entire time ready to unleash it and drop to his knee. There really was just not enough room, and too many people, and that bike ride had them all sweaty. Not at all what he had imagined. So he waited. The next day they had a nice tandem ride around the island and found themselves on a beach. Peter once again had his hand on the ring box but thought, this beach is not very nice. Not at all what he imagined. So they went to lunch. Later that evening awaiting their dinner reservations they took a stroll out to a spot that overlooked the water. They were alone, it was romantic, the view was incredible and Melissa was glowing in the reflection of the glassy water. With his hand on the ring box, this time he pulled it out. He got on his knee and he declared his love for Melissa and how he never ever wanted to live without her. Then he finally asked. She said “yes.” And it was perfect.

After deciding they wanted to be married in sunny Southern California, they went on a road trip searching for the perfect venue. Their journey proved to be difficult finding that though most of the venues were beautiful, they just weren’t at all what they had imagined. They were on their last venue stop and came to Europa Village in the wine country of Temecula. They arrived and knew without a doubt that was it. They had found their perfect venue! Nestled among the vineyards with a European flare it was romantic and adventurous. Just what they imagined.

There were so many amazing vendors that were a part of this wedding beginning with Lisa Ferguson Europa’s event coordinator. She was wonderful the entire time, especially since most of the arrangements with Melissa had to be made long distance. The already exquisite Melissa was transformed into a glowing beauty by Riley Brianne Makeup & Hair. Along with her San Patrick gown and Peter’s J. Crew suit, they looked like something out of a magazine. The stunning florals were created by Stephanie at Sweet Pea Floral Creations and cake deliciously crafted by Debbie at Cakes to Celebrate. Entertainment for the evening was provided by Al from Injoy Entertainment and one of the coolest flipbook photobooths we’ve ever seen Injoy also provided.

Peter & Melissa, we are so happy that you found us! We had such an amazing time with you both not only at your wedding but getting to know you in Seattle for your engagement! You both have beautiful hearts and such a beautiful story. We are so blessed to be a part of these big moments with you and can’t wait to see what the future brings :) We love you guys!


Keyways Winery Wedding : Tara + Bryan

A romantic getaway aboard a cruise. Bryan really paved the way for his own episode of “The Love Boat.” At this point he and Tara were inseparable  they were in love, and they were ready for a little R&R. The first night he made some excuse to get Tara to leave the cabin, he was acting suspicious, but she thought maybe he was getting used to his sea legs. When Tara returned the cabin was filled with rose petals. Bryan led Tara out to the balcony where he asked her to be his one and only, for the rest of their lives. And without hesitation, Tara said “yes.” But that’s not where it ends. You see Bryan knew it was important to tell her the first day of the cruise so that she would bask in excitement and anticipation the rest of the trip. Wave her pretty little ringer finger for the other cruise mates to see. He also came equipped with a stack of wedding magazines so that when Tara was relaxing at the pool, she could start dreaming up her wedding. Um, can we say Bryan #winning? I think we safely can :)

The two sweethearts were married at the beautiful Keyways Winery here in Temecula. Tara was beautified by the amazing Riley Breanne, lovely flower arrangements by Sheri’s Flowers. Mark at Sterling Productions provided the entertainment for the evening and of course the always incredible taste of Debbie’s confections from Cakes to Celebrate.

Tara & Bryan, we are so happy to have been a part of this journey with you. You two have beautiful souls and are no doubt the perfect match for each other. Thank you for allowing us to help turn moments into memories :) We adore you guys!


Leoness Cellars Wedding : Emily + Jon

The sheer horror that came over Emily when her mother said she had found the perfect man for her. I mean, there comes a point in any young lady’s life when our dear mommy’s play a little matchmaker. After many attempts and some loving convincing, Emily decided to humor her mom and meet this mother’s dream. Only what she hadn’t expected was that he was in fact McDreamy (disclaimer: Patrick Dempsy is not the groom, nor was he a part of this wedding, but I heard he was in Temecula recently).

Emily had no idea what she was getting herself into… a big ol’ pile of smit. Jon was smitten too. Not only did they share their fiery desire for baseball but many other things too. It was nearly a year when Jon popped the big question, “Will You Marry Me?” And Emily knew she owed her Mama big time :)

These two adorable creatures were married at Leoness Cellars in Temecula. Emily was beautified by the amazing Riley Brianne, and entertainment for the evening provided by Mike from Good Time Entertainment.

Emily & Jon, thank you from the bottom of my heart for including us in your magical day. It was truly spectacular! I cannot wait to see God work in your lives and to see your family grow :)

Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding : Amber + Jasen

The sun began to peak through the snow kissed mountains. The frost began to settle on the water and slowly melted away as the suns rays grew stronger. The fresh pine smell in the air with the birds singing their happy morning tune was enough to let you know this was going to be a perfect day. Amber & Jasen had been on a long journey, slightly backwards as Amber said it. Their love story had come along a different path, they fell in love, they bought a house together, they started planning their wedding… and THEN Jasen proposed :) But today was a day they anticipated with the fullness of their hearts. It was chic, it was beautiful, it was romantic, it was whimsical, and most of all it was touching. A new chapter in their love story had begun while on those snow kissed mountains. And it was incredible.

Amber crafted a gorgeous wedding with pink, lavender, and grey details. Their wedding was held at the beautiful Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa overlooking the lake itself! We’ve always wanted to shoot a snowy wedding, and even though the snow wasn’t coming down, it was enough to make me swoon :) Lisa over at the resort did an incredible job coordinating her team and all of Amber’s needs. She was a dream to work with. Diana Camacho from Glamorous Makeovers made the already stunning Amber fabulous! Niki’s Custom Cakes in Arrowhead made such a beautifully delicate cake design. And live music and DJing provided by the wonderful Brian Stodart! An amazing team of vendors :)

Amber & Jasen we adore you guys! We were blessed to be a part of this beautiful day, from meeting your precious pooch, to seeing Jasen’s big crocodile tears as Amber came down the aisle, to eating cake with you. We can’t wait to see where the journey takes you :)


Summit House Wedding : Ashley + Andres

It was a late evening in Mexico. They were standing on the balcony of their romantic hotel gazing at the stars and the reflection of the moon on the waves. They had been there many times before but this time something was different. Andres turned to Ashley and with sweet words of love asked her to marry him. With eyes wide and the biggest smile on her face, her heart was pitter pattering like crazy, she gasped and said, “It’s about time!”

Ok, I’m just kidding!! I don’t know EXACTLY the words she replied with, but it had something to do with “Yes!” And so began planning their classically romantic wedding. It began at the Embassy Suites in Brea where they were getting ready. Their ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful Summit House in Fullerton. And friends, this place is amazing. Seriously. Ashley had a personal butler following her around with a cart of water, wine, champagne and snacks all day long so she was never mal nourished or dehydrated! Incredibly impressive. Ashley had a wonderful Wedding Coordinator, Alicia Shen. She was beautified by Makeup Artist, Molly Roberts and Hair Stylist, Sarah Roberg. Richard Noblett did an amazing job DJing the event and keeping everyone on the dance floor. And Andres mom, Rosaura, actually hand created Ashley’s stunning gown. It was gorgeous!! Their yummy cake was created by Frost My Cake in Brea.

Ashley & Andres, we love you guys. F’real. And we were so blessed to be a part of your engagement and wedding. I hope life leads you around the world to destinations you’ve never been to where you can have adventures together :)


Falkner Winery Wedding : Brianna + Stephen

They met while stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky. It started with a field exercise and a game of spades in which they whooped the others due to Brianna’s mad card skills. Stephen was impressed and deep down a little smitten with her. They became good friends, they enjoyed great conversation. They were deployed to Iraq around the same time and it seemed as if they continued to play their cards right because they were always on duty at the same time. Their relationship continued to grow, but in a friendship sort of way. Many years went by and Stephen paid Brianna visits while she lived in Vegas. One one of his trips out, however, something was different. Stephen wasn’t able to stop thinking about Brianna. He took her on a romantic tour of Vegas and ended up standing on the bridge in front of the Venetian gazing at the gondola’s. That is where he pulled her in and kissed her… that is where everything completely changed. That is when the two could not deny that they were made for each other. Just like peanut butter and jelly :)

Brianna & Stephen planned their beautiful wedding at Falkner Winery in Temecula. The day however didn’t quite go as planned since the weather was a bit temperamental. It rained on and off throughout the day, thankfully the ceremony was spared :) But you know what they say, it’s good luck to rain on your wedding day! Hey, it rained on mine!

We were once again working with some amazing vendors, live music provided by the amazing Brian Stodart, gorgeous flower arrangements by Stephanie at Sweet Pea Floral Creations and a beautiful cake by Shelly at Rapunzel’s Cakes.

Thank you Brianna & Stephen for allowing us to be a part of such a spectacular day. A day that was not in the least bit affected by the weather, there was so much love and excitement we were blessed to be a part of the experience. And really, you guys are perfect for each other :)