Seattle Trip

Well folks, I am actually blogging from an airplane on the iPad. Amazing how far technology has come :) Jay and I are headed back home from Seattle where we were able to hang out and take lots of pictures of Melissa & Pete! I wanted to share a little sneak from their shoot… more will be coming soon!


Gingerbread Nativity

I haven’t done a personal post in awhile, but I couldn’t resist this! I saw something on Pinterest that looked like a gingerbread nativity instead of the traditional house and I thought it would not only be a little more challenging, but it would make sense to Rhyan to explain as we build. Little did I know I would become greatly obsessed with it all! haha

We used lots of different items, like Graham crackers for the manger, gum drops for the bodies of the people, fruit roll ups for the clothes, candy canes for various things, marshmallows and black licorice for the sheep and toasted coconut shavings for hay!

Original design inspiration can be found from the AOK Corral.