Falkner Winery Wedding : Brianna + Stephen

They met while stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky. It started with a field exercise and a game of spades in which they whooped the others due to Brianna’s mad card skills. Stephen was impressed and deep down a little smitten with her. They became good friends, they enjoyed great conversation. They were deployed to Iraq around the same time and it seemed as if they continued to play their cards right because they were always on duty at the same time. Their relationship continued to grow, but in a friendship sort of way. Many years went by and Stephen paid Brianna visits while she lived in Vegas. One one of his trips out, however, something was different. Stephen wasn’t able to stop thinking about Brianna. He took her on a romantic tour of Vegas and ended up standing on the bridge in front of the Venetian gazing at the gondola’s. That is where he pulled her in and kissed her… that is where everything completely changed. That is when the two could not deny that they were made for each other. Just like peanut butter and jelly :)

Brianna & Stephen planned their beautiful wedding at Falkner Winery in Temecula. The day however didn’t quite go as planned since the weather was a bit temperamental. It rained on and off throughout the day, thankfully the ceremony was spared :) But you know what they say, it’s good luck to rain on your wedding day! Hey, it rained on mine!

We were once again working with some amazing vendors, live music provided by the amazing Brian Stodart, gorgeous flower arrangements by Stephanie at Sweet Pea Floral Creations and a beautiful cake by Shelly at Rapunzel’s Cakes.

Thank you Brianna & Stephen for allowing us to be a part of such a spectacular day. A day that was not in the least bit affected by the weather, there was so much love and excitement we were blessed to be a part of the experience. And really, you guys are perfect for each other :)


Billie + Ronald : Pickwick Gardens Wedding

“I’m not sure I believe that you and me were brought together by a twist of fate, I’m gonna love you like nobody loves you anyway.” Sweet words that fell off the lips of Kimberly Caldwell uttered pure truth about Billie & Ronald during their first dance. The problem with fairy tales is they tend to make us think that we were robbed of something magical, something spontaneous, something that swept us off our feet. A twist of fate that brought us to find the truest form of love. The reality is that sometimes it was there all along, love just had a coming of age story itself. That became the most sincere truth on Billie and Ronald’s wedding day when they had set out for their First Look. The moment their eyes met we knew what they had all along. They loved each other liked nobody else. And that was their love story.

Billie dreamed up a stunning wedding that was classic and timeless. Shanon Fleck of Occasionally Marie helped Billie’s vision come to life and was an incredible coordinator to work with! The day started at the Langham Huntington Pasadena Hotel, then onto Pickwick Gardens for the ceremony. We finally ended at the Anoush Banquet Hall in Burbank for a reception like no other. Seriously. There were like 20-something courses of food.

Billie & Ronald, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your day! We truly were able to partake in the happiness and love between your sweet friends and family. You guys are amazing :)


Balboa Park Engagement : Amber + Jasen

First impressions paint the first layer of the way we perceive one another. While we may hold onto the importance of them, the layers of perception become as thick as the personalities we judge. It gives us the ability to create a masterpiece of art, when we realize that first impressions are merely first impressions.

When Amber was first introduced to Jasen in high school, she was completely put off by his outspoken and harsh sense of humor. Jasen was not impressed by Amber’s loud and outspoken personality. It took a long time for them to get used to each other when they realized how much they were actually like each other. Over time, 10 years to be exact, their friendship grew into a mutual attraction. They valued their friendship more than anything and didn’t want to ruin what they had. But what they had they could not deny, because they fell in love.

These two are going to be sealing the deal on their love at the Lake Arrowhead Resort this year on the snow kissed mountains. I’m so excited about this because this SoCal girl has always dreamed of shooting a bride in the snow!

Jasen & Amber we had an amazing time hanging out with you guys in Balboa Park for your engagement session! Thank you for having us be a part of your incredible day, we can’t wait for it!

Montiel_Engagement-1Montiel_Engagement-2 Montiel_Engagement-8 Montiel_Engagement-10 Montiel_Engagement-15 Montiel_Engagement-19 Montiel_Engagement-20Montiel_Engagement-21 Montiel_Engagement-33

Callaway Mixer for Temecula Valley Chamber

Some exciting (maybe boring to some) news but we are now officially members of the Temecula Valley Chamber!! Jay and I will be shooting many of the events this year as well so if you are a member you will probably see us :) A couple of weeks ago we had our first mixer at Callaway Winery. Callaway recently renovated and added a new tasting room and a beautiful seating area above it with gorgeous views of the valley. It was a really fun night!

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Gas Works Park Seattle Engagement : Melissa + Peter

A few failed attempts left Pete thinking this online dating thing might take awhile. A simple click generated him a perfect match. Melissa had nearly finished her profile when Pete reached out for the first time. It took only a handful of conversations for Pete to recognize he needed to meet this girl. From the moment they met there was an intense chemistry they couldn’t deny. And then they fell in love :)

If only they had met on a website named www.inheaven.com cause then I could say it was a match made inheaven.com. Which is so cheesy it’s cool. Just go with me on this…

Melissa & Peter live up in Seattle but are planning their May wedding at the gorgeous Europa Village Winery here in Temecula. So when Melissa wanted to bring us up to Seattle to do their engagement session we were so excited for a change of scenery! We had to brave the Seattle weather which didn’t cooperate at all but we had an amazing day hanging out all around Gas Works Park, Cupcake Royale & Sculpture Park with our new pescetarian friends!


Falkner Winery Wedding : Romie + Richard

The glow of the sun kiss the morning horizon as it met the new day. A day set aside for celebration and new beginnings. Romie and Richard had awoken refreshed and renewed for their incredible day. It was filled with tradition, laughter, love, and Bollywood Dancers. Yes you heard me right.

You might remember Romie & Richard from their Old Town Temecula Engagement session we featured on the blog awhile ago. There Romie shared with us her vision for her traditional Indian wedding and we were smitten. Bold jewel tones, 3 outfit changes, and the beautiful Falkner Winery. Romie & Richard planned on their day being carefree and relaxed, so while they didn’t have a First Look, they actually got ready together! Such a sweet and untraditional way of celebrating the day by spending the entire day together.

Richard & Romie, you guys are so sweet. Seriously. And thank you, for allowing us to capture the intimate moments of such a fabulous day. We are so blessed to have been a part of it :)

ceremony & reception: FALKNER WINERY, TEMECULA • cake: BO CAKES
hair/makeup: NARESH • dj & photobooth: STATION IDENTIFICATION

Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_01Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_05Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_03Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_12Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_06Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_10 Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_11Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_13 Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_14 Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_15 Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_16 Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_09Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_08Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_17 Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_18 Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_19 Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_20 Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_21Falkner_Winery_Wedding_Indian_02

Ace Hotel Engagement : Brooke + Andrew

When they reconnected on Facebook after meeting in High School, Brooke didn’t think much about the overly flirtatious Andrew. I mean, she thought he was cute and all but wasn’t quite thinking “relationship” yet. They made plans to go out with friends one night to see each other for the first time in person since high school. Brooke was charmed by Andrew’s bewildering smile and swag wearing his striped grey thermal. When she announced she had to depart early in the evening, Andrew quickly seized the opportunity to see her again and invited her to breakfast the next morning. That my friends would officially be their first date.

The next morning Andrew cheerily (and a little woosy from the night before) met Brooke at The Beachgrass Cafe. That is when he really poured on the charm and Brooke was hooked.

They frequented their favorite little breakfast spot so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. One morning they went out for a morning stroll, took their sweet little Helmut to the doggie beach and then to the Beachgrass Cafe. Andrew was a little more jittery than usual as the server brought the menus. Brooke opened hers to find it full of photos of them together, plus a “Brooke Lindsay Lamb, will you marry me?” After some shaking, some states of shock, some squeals, and some serious excitement… she said yes.

When Brooke told me that they were thinking of doing something a little different for their Engagement session, I was so excited! Brooke wanted to use the Ace Hotel as a backdrop and have a little retro fashion forward feel to it.

Brooke & Andrew, thank you so much for the opportunity to capture such precious memories! We love you guys and cannot wait for your wedding next year!! Love, Ashley


Under the Willow Tree Wedding : Mandee + Lalo

A perfect backyard wedding fit for a perfectly sweet couple. The day Mandee & Lalo’s wedding had arrived was full of anticipation, and full of people. Friends and family had worked tirelessly to secure every little detail in making Mandee’s dream wedding come to life. When Jay & I arrived to Mandee’s parents home, everyone was full of smiles and eager to serve. We knew right away that it wasn’t just the joining of two people this marriage would become, but the beginning of a new heritage.

Mandee & Lalo, you guys are amazing… and ridiculously good looking as Zoolander would say :) We are so blessed to have shared a part of such a momentous occasion and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for you two! Love to you and your family! -Ashley Bee

Gorgeous flowers designed by my guuurl Stephanie at Sweet Pea Floral Creations!

Mandee wore a stunning Alfred Angelo gown inspired by Cinderella :)

 Shout outs go out to the DJ Tony D and also Jaime Silverii for the beautiful job of Mandee’s makeup!

Cal Poly Pomona Engagement : Ashley + Andres

Travelling the world has always been recognized as adventurous, whimsical, carefree… romantic. To set your footsteps in so many lands with the one you love is just magical. Holland, Austria, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain… only a handful places around the world these two have been.

Ashley & Andres came and met us at our client lounge to chat about their wedding. We instantly were smitten by Ashley’s classic beauty and Andres’ charm. We couldn’t wait to get them in front of our camera! When Ashley told me they were thinking about Cal Poly Pomona where Andres attended school, we were so excited! So many textures and so much history at this campus. The light that day was MADE for these two, it is absolutely stunning.

A & A, we are SO incredibly excited for your wedding in January! Thank you for inviting us to be a part of documenting your love for each other :)


Hyatt Regency Long Beach Wedding : Robin + JJ

As the early morning sun peaked over the horizon, things had already begun to stir. No one seemed nervous, no one seemed anxious, the excitement that filled the room was infectious. It had everyone smiling from ear-to-ear. The late night paper projects, bejeweling slingbacks, bending pink wire, glitter and more glitter… it had all come together. For two people who had met in the rugged Iraqi desert, they were to kick their wedding affair up a few or more notches. And not just in design, but in temperature too. We joked about how only two people from Texas that met in a hot desert would manage to get married on the hottest day on record in Long Beach. It was actually 104 degrees.

You may remember Robin & JJ’s chic engagement session in Downtown San Diego where I told you how they met. I thought it was appropriate to feature their wedding right after Veterans Day. Robin & JJ planned most of the wedding while they were living in Texas. Just a month before the wedding they had made their way to Southern California. With the amazing coordinating skills of Julie from The Best Wedding for You, Robin was able to put together the wedding of her dreams. What made this wedding even more special to us, is that Robin hired Mick from Elite British DJ and he just so happened to be the DJ at OUR wedding! Rachael from A Charmed Beauty did a GORGEOUS job of transforming Robin into the princess bride she dreamt of being. The flowers were beautifully designed by Stephanie of Sweet Pea Floral Creations. You are going to see a TON of Stephanie’s work in the coming weeks since we worked together on our last 4 weddings of the year!

Robin & JJ, thank you for inviting us to become like a part of your family. You guys are amazing. Seriously. We are so blessed you chose us to capture such important milestones and we are incredibly grateful for your service to our country.


Another shoutout to their Officiant Timothy Pollard who was not only incredibly sweet, but very funny!