Point Loma Engagement : Jennifer + David

A true test of determination warrants great results, well sometimes. Sometimes you just fall flat on your face. They call this “character building.” Who “they” is, I don’t know. When David first laid eyes on Jennifer in a club in Hollywood, his heart nearly skipped a beat. He mustered up his courage and was about to learn how hard he had to work for Jennifer. His plan of being smooth and suave was a dud. He cracked a joke and bought her a drink. She was not impressed. He bought her a rose, she gave it to a homeless man. He was feeling low, but not ready to give up. He had to make a statement. David then left his car in the middle of Hollywood, chased Jennifer down, stole her taxi and chased her around downtown LA until she agreed to go on a date with him. She reluctantly agreed. Two nights later they had their first date and it was magical lame. Jennifer’s thick southern accent proved to be difficult to understand, so they went on their merry ways. They did, however, remain friends and hung out occasionally. A few months later, they ran into each other at the same club they met in, this time was different. Jennifer was a bit easier to understand, David seemed a little less desperate and a little more attractive. This time, it was magical. And from then on, they were inseparable.

Jennifer and David (and Bentley & Tesla), we had an amazing time with you in San Diego capturing the love between you two. It’s always difficult getting in front of a camera, but you two made it look effortless. And Jennifer you are stunning! We cannot wait to shoot your wedding next May at Mount Palomar Winery!


Diamond Valley Lake Engagement : Angel + Eric

Her fingers tapped the keyboard without typing. Her teeth biting the end of her pen. With legs crossed her ankle bobbed up and down. She looked at the clock to anxiously wait for a mysteriously cute guy to arrive at work so she could catch a glimpse of him out the window. And then he pulled up, cool and suave, without a clue he had a secret admirer. Every chance she got, Angel would try making small talk with Eric just to spend a little extra time with him. Her subtle hints made themselves known, but little did she know that Eric watched her from the window too. It wasn’t long before they found themselves together, going on adventures, seeing the world…. and their most favorite thing, cuddled up on the couch with their doggies and a good TV show :)

These two love birds wanted to do something fun and exciting for their engagement session so we decided to get some boats and go for a ride! We had an amazing time hanging out and getting to take in the sights.

Angel & Eric, you guys are one of the sweetest couples we’ve ever met! You guys were a blast and we seriously cannot wait until your wedding at Keyways in October!