Old Town Temecula : Riley + David

It’s amazing how things work out. I’m never ceased to be amazed at how a chance meeting turns into something so much more. My womance with Riley began on a random trip to Sephora looking for an eyeliner that wouldn’t run or smudge during our long wedding days. This cute little blonde approached me and my lost look to see if I needed any help. She proceeded to help me find something that would work great and started beautifying me. After chatting for awhile we realized many things that we had in common. We were both wedding vendors, we knew some of the same people, and we both thought my quoting “Ron Burgandy” was hilarious. Ok, maybe that was just me.

It really was perfect timing as my go-to makeup artist had moved out of state and right away I knew not only was Riley incredibly talented and professional but she had a fetching personality I knew my brides would be thrilled to work with her. And she has been my go-to gal ever since :)

When Riley asked me to do a love shoot with her and her beau, David, I was so excited. She’s taken great care of my brides so it was time to return the favor! These two are adorable together, as you can see and I’m so happy for them! And if you are looking for a hair/makeup artist, Riley is your girl. Check her out here :)

Torrey Pines State Reserve Maternity : Austin + Victoria

For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. [Psalm 139: 13-14]

There is really nothing like the glow of a woman nesting a child in her womb. The only thing more beautiful is the love of a Savior who shed His blood for the child long before she is born.  Austin & Victoria are two incredibly beautiful people who are preparing to welcome their first little one, Charlotte. We started at Torrey Pines State Reserve for this shoot and made our way down to the beach at dusk. I loved the warm sunlight highlighting Victoria’s glow about her, she radiated in it. When we made it down to the beach, Victoria changed into a custom elyseREUBEN couture gown that made her look like a Goddess of the Seas :) I was smitten by her, and I can’t get over how stunning she looked. And Austin, well he’s just a cutie pie!

Austin & Victoria, thank you for inviting me to create these beautiful memories for you. I’m so excited for Charlotte’s arrival when you can look upon her face and experience a love like never before. Treasure this time together, you guys are going to be amazing parents!

Windansea Engagement : Patty + Josh

We’re no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do I. A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of, you wouldn’t get this from any other guy. I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling, gotta make you understand…

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.
Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

I really wanted to get all sentimental with this blog like I normally do, but as I sat down to think of what to say I couldn’t get this song out of my head. When I originally talked to Patty & Josh about ideas for their engagement session I asked for them to give me a song that sorta gave me the feel for what they wanted. After talking so many times with Patty who is sweet and thoughtful and had amazing vintage taste I was thinking they’d come up with something romantic. And then Josh dropped this epicness on me, and I giggled, for like hours.

But that’s who they are, whimsical, romantic, spontaneous, and silly. They practically go on a tropical getaway every other weekend. Most of all the way that Josh looks into Patty’s eyes, would make any single woman swoon and hope there is just one guy out there that would look at her the same way. We’ve been smitten by these two, and we are so excited about their wedding in August at Twin Oaks Garden Estate.


Leoness Cellars Wedding : Emily + Jon

The sheer horror that came over Emily when her mother said she had found the perfect man for her. I mean, there comes a point in any young lady’s life when our dear mommy’s play a little matchmaker. After many attempts and some loving convincing, Emily decided to humor her mom and meet this mother’s dream. Only what she hadn’t expected was that he was in fact McDreamy (disclaimer: Patrick Dempsy is not the groom, nor was he a part of this wedding, but I heard he was in Temecula recently).

Emily had no idea what she was getting herself into… a big ol’ pile of smit. Jon was smitten too. Not only did they share their fiery desire for baseball but many other things too. It was nearly a year when Jon popped the big question, “Will You Marry Me?” And Emily knew she owed her Mama big time :)

These two adorable creatures were married at Leoness Cellars in Temecula. Emily was beautified by the amazing Riley Brianne, and entertainment for the evening provided by Mike from Good Time Entertainment.

Emily & Jon, thank you from the bottom of my heart for including us in your magical day. It was truly spectacular! I cannot wait to see God work in your lives and to see your family grow :)

Beverly Hills Engagement : Cynthia + Paul

She arrived home to a letter informing her to head over to her friends apartment. When she arrived she heard someone faintly yelling in the distance. She wandered out to the balcony to see what the ruckus was and as she got outside she heard “CYNTHIA! CYNTHIA!” To her surprise a handsome young gentleman standing through the sunroof of a limousine was calling out her name with a bouquet of roses. He jumped out of the limo and climbed up the fire escape and met her at the top. He declared his love for her and asked her to marry him. And Cynthia said, “Yes!”

Holy romantic right? But you’ve heard a similar story before…. you may be trying to put your finger on it, so let me help you. Julia Roberts…. Richard Gere…. Beverly Hills? “Pretty Woman.” Before Paul set out to pop the big question, he knew about Cynthia’s obsession with this classic film. And there really aren’t many ways you can top that romantic final scene, so he thought, “if you can’t beat em, join em” in his super cool Aussie accent. Cynthia was not only surprised but like every girls fantasy is to live out an actual romantic scene from a movie… minus the whole hooker thing, haha.

It was only fitting that we do their engagement session in Beverly Hills! We had a blast hanging out with these two and cannot wait for their wedding at the Westlake Village Inn in August!


Lake Arrowhead Resort Wedding : Amber + Jasen

The sun began to peak through the snow kissed mountains. The frost began to settle on the water and slowly melted away as the suns rays grew stronger. The fresh pine smell in the air with the birds singing their happy morning tune was enough to let you know this was going to be a perfect day. Amber & Jasen had been on a long journey, slightly backwards as Amber said it. Their love story had come along a different path, they fell in love, they bought a house together, they started planning their wedding… and THEN Jasen proposed :) But today was a day they anticipated with the fullness of their hearts. It was chic, it was beautiful, it was romantic, it was whimsical, and most of all it was touching. A new chapter in their love story had begun while on those snow kissed mountains. And it was incredible.

Amber crafted a gorgeous wedding with pink, lavender, and grey details. Their wedding was held at the beautiful Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa overlooking the lake itself! We’ve always wanted to shoot a snowy wedding, and even though the snow wasn’t coming down, it was enough to make me swoon :) Lisa over at the resort did an incredible job coordinating her team and all of Amber’s needs. She was a dream to work with. Diana Camacho from Glamorous Makeovers made the already stunning Amber fabulous! Niki’s Custom Cakes in Arrowhead made such a beautifully delicate cake design. And live music and DJing provided by the wonderful Brian Stodart! An amazing team of vendors :)

Amber & Jasen we adore you guys! We were blessed to be a part of this beautiful day, from meeting your precious pooch, to seeing Jasen’s big crocodile tears as Amber came down the aisle, to eating cake with you. We can’t wait to see where the journey takes you :)


San Juan Capistrano Engagement : Breanne + Robert

They sat down next to each other with nervous anticipation. Robert scooted a little closer to Breanne then after a little chit chat sat back and relaxed. Every time they glanced at each other they both blushed and smiled. They were without a doubt in love. Breanne explained her vision for her perfect day, and each time she mentioned “shabby chic” Robert would giggle. It was like pressing his invisible Tickle Me Elmo [Robert] button. It seemed like eons ago, but time crept up and week by week, month by month her vision began to come to life. In just a little over two weeks, a new chapter will begin in their life and I’m so excited to witness it. And you can best bet I will try and say “shabby chic” as many times as I possibly can ;)

As Jay and I walked up to the front of the San Juan Capistrano Mission to meet Breanne & Robert for their engagement session, I literally gasped. I was stunned by how incredibly adorable Breanne looked in her perfectly retro Adele-like outfit. I could sense their nervousness, they had never had their pictures taken before… which actually happens more often than not with our clients. I assured them it was gonna be more like a double date and they were absolute pros.

Breanne & Robert we are so excited for your big day! You guys are going to rock it ;)


Summit House Wedding : Ashley + Andres

It was a late evening in Mexico. They were standing on the balcony of their romantic hotel gazing at the stars and the reflection of the moon on the waves. They had been there many times before but this time something was different. Andres turned to Ashley and with sweet words of love asked her to marry him. With eyes wide and the biggest smile on her face, her heart was pitter pattering like crazy, she gasped and said, “It’s about time!”

Ok, I’m just kidding!! I don’t know EXACTLY the words she replied with, but it had something to do with “Yes!” And so began planning their classically romantic wedding. It began at the Embassy Suites in Brea where they were getting ready. Their ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful Summit House in Fullerton. And friends, this place is amazing. Seriously. Ashley had a personal butler following her around with a cart of water, wine, champagne and snacks all day long so she was never mal nourished or dehydrated! Incredibly impressive. Ashley had a wonderful Wedding Coordinator, Alicia Shen. She was beautified by Makeup Artist, Molly Roberts and Hair Stylist, Sarah Roberg. Richard Noblett did an amazing job DJing the event and keeping everyone on the dance floor. And Andres mom, Rosaura, actually hand created Ashley’s stunning gown. It was gorgeous!! Their yummy cake was created by Frost My Cake in Brea.

Ashley & Andres, we love you guys. F’real. And we were so blessed to be a part of your engagement and wedding. I hope life leads you around the world to destinations you’ve never been to where you can have adventures together :)


Tara + Bryan : Temecula Engagement

It all started with a wink, then a wink back. That just so happened to put the ball back in his court. Or I guess I should say his field? You see from the time he could remember, Bryan was a huge baseball fan. The Angel’s in particular. So after a few conversations online he invited Tara to meet the first time for drinks, he then invited her to an Angel game. She wasn’t thrilled with their first meeting, I mean he seemed like a nice enough guy but she didn’t see the sparks. That was until she saw him in his element. The place he was most comfortable, where he could be himself. The baseball game :) Not only was Bryan a complete gentleman, he made her feel like a part of the family… a part of the experience. He bought her an Angel hat and a shirt so she would blend right in. Ok, so NOW there were sparks. And from that moment on, they were inseparable.

Though Bryan & Tara are from Orange County, they joined us out in Temecula to hang out for the evening. We started in Old Town Temecula, then headed out to some orange groves. It was the perfect setting. And I really don’t have to tell you how adorable these guys are, you can witness from the pictures yourself ;)